2002 Peace Agreement Sudan

4. After lengthy discussions, the parties agreed on a single negotiating document that sets out the principles on which the parties have already agreed, the transition phase of the peace process and the political structures to be implemented through a constitutional framework. Protocol Machakos (07-20-2002) Posted by USIP Library on: July 30, 2002 Source Name: Text of the agreement from a press release of July 23, 2002 on the Embassy of The Republic of Sudan, Washington, D.C., website. The document contains IGAD`s “Sudan Peace Secretariat,” Machakos Protocol, 20 July 2002. Source URL: www.sudanembassy.org/default.asp?page=viewstory&id=111 download date: July 29, 2002 The SPLM announced that it was re-entering the government on December 13, 2007 after an agreement. The agreement provides that the seat of government will pass every three months between Juba and Khartoum, although it seems that this will be largely symbolic, as well as the financing of a census (important for the referendum) and a timetable for the withdrawal of troops at the border. [3] Both sides have made considerable progress in reaching agreement on outstanding issues. They agreed to continue the positive outcome and the framework and resume negotiations in August 2002. To this end, the Sudanese government and SPLM/A have signed a document entitled (MACHAKOS PROTOCOL” – text below – and have issued a joint communiqué – text below) decrying their objectives, principles and methods for achieving their common commitment to a peaceful, equitable and comprehensive settlement. Memorandum of Understanding Cessation on Cessation of Hostilities between the Government of the Sudan And the Sudan People`s Liberation Movement/Army (10-15-2002) Posted by USIP Library on: October 30, 2002 Source Name: Republic of the Sudan, Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York, NY Fax Date: 25. October 2002 Paragraph date: 25 October 2002 THE PARTS, RECONNAISSANT that the successful implementation of the CPA will be a model of good governance in Sudan, which will help to create a solid foundation for preserving peace and make unity attractive, and is therefore committed to fully respecting the spirit of the CPA in order to ensure lasting peace, security for all, equality and equality in Sudan; It was agreed and confirmed that the parties would resume negotiations in August 2002 with a view to resolving the outstanding issues and achieving a comprehensive peace in Sudan. IN THE PART OF THE REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, WE ADRESSONS A CALL TO THE ORGANIZATIONS AND STATES THAT ARE TO sign the implementation of the CPA, as stipulated in this agreement, is the necessary and urgent Negotiations between the parties on the cease-fire permanent protocol were stalled at the roundtable in Naivasha in July 2004.

The parties were unable to agree on a number of issues, including: the redistribution of troops in eastern Sudan and the financing of the SPLM/A Protocol. Protocol between the Sudanese Government (GOS) and the Sudan Liberation People`s Movement/Army (SPLM/A) on the resolution of the Abyei conflict (26.05.2004) 88K Posted by USIP Library on: 30 June 2004 Source Name: Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs website source URL: www.sudanmfa.com/PROTOCOL.doc Date downloaded: 16 June 2004 Considering that the parties have reaffirmed their commitment to a peaceful negotiated solution to the conflict in Sudan within Sudanese unity; and the process resulted in the following agreements (also known as protocols): CONSCIENT THAT peace, stability and development are shared by all Sudanese; It was presided over by the Lieutenant General.

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