Accelerated Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Jefferson does not perform master-CDAs. All CDAs executed by Jefferson contain a certain amount of confidential information and must be intended for a senior auditor designated for a potential project. The processing time for a CDA varies depending on when the terms are agreed and when all parties sign the agreement. By accepting the use of this standard model, sponsors can have more than 60 important institutions to sign this agreement, without requiring further legal negotiations/delays. This agreement can be used voluntarily by institutions and industry. Jefferson`s employees cannot do CDA on Jefferson`s behalf. Jefferson CDAs` authorized signatories are vice president, innovation management (excluding clinical trial CDAs) and orA director (only for clinical trial agreements). For industry-sponsored clinical trials, the sponsored or contracted research organization (CRO) generally requires Stanford or IP to enter into a non-discloser agreement (NDA) before sharing the study protocol and other proprietary documents. The NDA protects the confidentiality of the details of the procedure. An NOA can also be referred to as a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or confidentiality agreement. If PI receives information from the sponsor or CRO that does not require distribution to others, the IP may sign the agreement on its own behalf. If PI signs as an individual, he will be personally responsible for the management of protected confidential information and should not disclose or disclose the information to individuals who have not signed a similar NOA with the sponsor or the CRO. UofL researchers often conduct clinical trials in one or more hospitals or third-party facilities.

Each of these institutions is linked to the university and allows field research by UofL researchers, but each is a separate legal entity. As a result, these organizations generally require separate direct agreements with the clinical trial sponsor (. For example, a letter of compensation (LOI) or an agreement to use the facilities (FUA)).

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