Accreditation Agreement Sample

The accreditation agreement concluded by the Cervantes Institute with institutions that meet all the requirements, conditions and other criteria of SACIC includes 3.12 commitments relating to the provision of registration services by third parties. The Registrar is responsible for the provision of registration services for all registered names executed by the Registrar`s sponsors in accordance with this agreement, whether registration services are provided by the Registrar or by a third party, including a reseller. The Registrar must enter into written agreements with all of his resellers that allow the Registrar to fulfill and fulfill all of his obligations under this contract. In addition, the Registrar must ensure that: 7.4.5 If ICANN and the post-mediation working group have not reached agreement on the proposed revisions, either the OEB or the Chair can inform the other (an “arbitration communication”), ICANN and the applicable registry operators require the dispute to be resolved through binding arbitration proceedings in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.8. , subject to the requirements and limitations of this section 7.4.5. 3.13 Registrar Training. The Registrar`s primary contact in accordance with subsection 7.6 below or to the design (as long as the applicant is employed by the Registrar or a related Registrar) completes a training course covering the registrars` obligations under ICANN guidelines and agreements. The course will be made available to the Registrar free of charge by ICANN and will be available in online format. In addition, if the Registrar participated in the Registrar`s Accreditation Agreement adopted by ICANN in 2009 (the “RAA 2009”) if, Immediately prior to the implementation of this addendum registry, he participated in the Registrar`s Accreditation Agreement adopted by ICANN in 2009 (RAA 2009) may use its current form of registration of the registration contract until January 1, 2014, provided that this agreement is in accordance with Section 3.7.7 of the 2009 RAA. 7.4.3 If the proposed revisions are agreed upon at the end of the discussion period, ICANN publishes on its website the proposed revisions by mutual agreement for no less than thirty (30) calendar days (the “booking period”) and informs all applicable registrars in accordance with Section 7.6 of these amendments.

ICANN and the working group will review public comments on proposed revisions during the posting period (including notices from the appropriate filers). At the end of the posting period, the proposed revisions are submitted to the Board of Directors of the Commission for approval and approval by the Registrar. When such authorizations are obtained, the proposed amendments are considered to have been approved by the relevant registrars and by ICANN and are valid and are considered to be an amendment to this agreement after sixty (60) calendar days from ICANN to the Registrar. The Cervantes Institute collects an annual accreditation fee for the amount that will be published on its website in January of each year.

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