Advisory Agreement For Startups

The key to any consulting relationship is to find the right fit. You will know in a few months if it will be fertile. It is also not uncommon for consultants to question the tracking of future funding cycles with their own money and invest directly in the company. Consultants will have a unique insight into a company`s high-level operations, and if they like what they see and have the resources, they may want to buy themselves. Sometimes consultants even become key collaborators in the company. Consultants are a valuable resource that can provide the right help to their start-up at the right time. But remember that in an advisory board, it`s not about bragging about rights. It`s about finding dedicated allies with specific skills that can help you accomplish a clearly defined task. It is ready to send, just fill the areas with yellowing. These areas include the name of each party, the allocation of shares, the renewal schedule, expected milestones and time allocations.

The current document uses the recommended default values of a 2-year contract, with 6-month renewals divided 50/50 between the temporal results and the results of significant events. Sign agreements with startups that define their roles. Why: If a consultant relationship doesn`t work well, you can avoid the potential conflict of letting it go just by letting the deal expire. This way, you can offer this stock allocation to another advisor who might work better. The term “advisory board” is a misdrepresentation, as advisors generally do not meet regularly as a group and do not have the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a board of directors. HK Startups For Hong Kong-based startups, we have replicated the advisory agreement on a version suitable for use by Hong Kong-based startups. See the link on the right to access the document. Startups often use consultants to get help with strategy, product, lead generation, or credibility with potential investors. .

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