Bupa Aged Care Australia Victorian Enterprise Agreement 2017

Here is a snapshot (not all) of the number and types of company agreements that the ANMF negotiates. Employers who benefit from a modern company contract or agreement must consult workers and their representatives on important changes in the workplace, which are expected to have a considerable impact. This decision clarified the scope of this duty to consult with respect to potential redundancies and it is important, when reviewing, to consider the factors that your company should consider when determining significant changes in the workplace. Ben Motro, Special Counsel, and Emily Setter, Law Clerk, reflect the recent decision of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation v. Bupa Aged Care Australia Pty Ltd [2017] FCA 1246, in which Federal Court Justice O`Callaghan stated that the consultation clause in an employer`s company agreement did not require consultation on issues that do not lead to “major job changes.” Regis Aged Care (formerly Presbyterian Care) Staff Enterprise Agreement 2017 There are 664 Victorian jobs in stationary elder care with company agreements, which means an endless round of negotiations in this sector. As has already been said, it is more difficult for nurses, midwives and nurses to take union action in smaller or fragmented workplaces. But not impossible. Nurses and midwives in larger jobs with more bargaining power, such as the public sector, have more opportunities to take the kind of union action than to pressure an employer to improve its offering. This explains why there is a wage gap between public and private hospital nurses and private caregivers for the elderly.

Before negotiating in companies, most Victorian nurses and midwives were paid the same rates of pay, regardless of their employer. Both the standard clause and clause 7 of the Bupa Agreement indicate that a substantial change could have a significant impact on workers, in particular with a view to terminating the workers` employment relationship, substantially changing the composition, undertaking or size of the employer`s staff or reducing employment opportunities (including promotion or employment opportunities) it is ongoing. South Eastern Community Care Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2017 Community and Disability Support Workers Agreement 2018 Consultation obligations under the company agreement The duty to consult on significant changes of employment, which is set out in clause 7 of Bupa`s company agreement, essentially corresponds to the standard consulting contract in Annex 2.3 of the Fair Work Regulations 2009. Under the Model Clause and Clause 7 of the Bupa Company Agreement, the employer must, where an employer has made a final decision, introduce a substantial change in production, undertaking, structure or technology in relation to his undertaking, and the change is likely to have a significant impact on the company`s workers, that the workers must take the decision to introduce the substantial amendment. . . .

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