Collective Agreement Engineering

Our collective agreements include exemptions from Finnish labour law and several options for deviating from the rules of collective agreements through enterprise or employment-specific agreements. Due to the obligation to protect labour, it is forbidden to become familiar with the conditions set out in collective agreements during the duration of the contract. As an employee of a company without a collective agreement, you must agree to your working conditions with your employer. This is done in your employment contract. If you work with an employer who has a collective agreement, you can count on good working conditions. The conditions contained in the collective agreement are binding on the company. The Participation Act requires employers to negotiate major changes in the workplace with the party with which they have signed a collective agreement. This may be about the organization, the budget or the conditions of employment. Negotiations then take place with elected officials who have a good knowledge of the workplace and who can exert influence on your behalf.

Holidays, working time and the right to parental leave are governed by Swedish law. This is the case for all those who work in Sweden. However, the law does not cover everything, far from it, and sets only minimum levels. Thus, in addition to the law, there is the collective agreement that was negotiated between the Swedish Association of University Engineers and thought organizations. Collective agreements can make a big difference to your portfolio. For example, workers who have a collective agreement receive higher benefits when they stay at home with sick children, if they themselves become ill or are unhappy enough to suffer a workplace injury. Their pension is also positively influenced by collective agreements, and the difference can amount to hundreds of thousands of kronor on the day of their working wine trip. One of the most important tasks of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is to lay the foundations for a good and safe professional life by negotiating collective agreements.

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