Construction Agreement Sample Malaysia

AIAC Standard Form of Contracts (SFC) is a suite of standard form contracts that are customizable and available free of charge for printing and downloading. The AIAC CFS was inspired by problems in the Malaysian construction industry to fill gaps in standard form construction contracts in the management of the relationships, rights and obligations of parties to a construction project. It is user-friendly, uses simple language and contains clearer provisions to guide users in interpreting the contract. AIAC`s CFS is the first suite of construction contracts in compliance with Malaysia`s CIPAA and includes more mechanisms for the parties to resound disputes and deadlocks, including mediation, to encourage the parties to continue to work despite disputes, while maintaining the rights of the parties until their completion. The hallmark of AIAC SFC is the continuity of work and labour relations. Click here for a summary of the new and key features of the 2018 and 2019 AIAC SFC editions. AIAC 2019 SFC introduces the contract manager responsible for delegating roles, overseeing the contract and ensuring controls and balances. AIAC 2019 SFC provides users with greater clarity by merging the terms with and without Quantities, making the need to distinguish contracts unnecessary. Each standard form contract serves as a template and can be tailored to your specific needs. The AIAC assumes no responsibility or responsibility in case of Anmundische in relation to these contracts.

Not all information should be construed as legal advice. These contracts are general in nature and cannot be substituted for the advice of a licensed professional. The 2018 edition of the AIAC Minor Works and Design and Build Contracts and 2019 Standard Edition Form of Building Contracts are from the original editions of 2017 and reflect the name change recently undergone by the AIAC (formerly KLRCA). If you need access to the 2018 standard form for construction contracts with or without quantities or the standard 2018 form for construction contracts, please contact If you have any questions, comments or comments on AIAC`s SFC, please contact us here to help us better serve you. The 2018 and 2019 editions of the AIAC, while retaining the original guiding principles of the original 2017 edition, contain improvements that clarify integrity, enhance integrity and clarify any ambiguity about the obligations and liability of the parties.

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