Contract Agreement Kudoz

If the user wishes to continue using the application after the end of the period of use, he must reuse it with the provider or install it in the Microsoft Appstore and conclude a new user agreement (including the right of use). The supplier will inform the controller of any planned changes to a subcontractor or new subcontractor (e.g. B by updating patch notes, App Store description, this DPA, terms of use, email, etc.). The controller may object to this for a good reason within ten working days of receipt of the information. In this case, both parties have an immediate and exceptional right of termination against this DPA and the GTC. While the client has agreed to enter into this interior architecture contract with the service provider of his own free will, PandaTip: Use the price table of the presentation to document any deposits, fees or other expenses related to this interior architecture contract. Learn everything you need to know about PandaDoc contracts. The customer undertakes to keep the service provider harmless during this period in the event of injury, loss or damage that is not under the control of the service provider. If you make a purchase as a customer under German law (§ 13 BGB), your statutory rights of return/withdrawal are excluded under § 312g BGB pursuant to § 356(5) of the Civil Code. .

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