Employee Cell Phone Use Agreement

Yes. An employer may prohibit or prohibit the use of mobile phones in a workplace during working hours. A company mobile phone directive reduces distraction and frustration at work by clearly displaying when it is correct and not correct to use a mobile phone during working hours. They are also called mobile phone guidelines for employees. Some employers prefer to clarify that personal phones should only be used moderately. Some examples are whether employees can or cannot: mobile phones and mobile devices are an integral part of our personal and professional lives. But the ubiquity of this technology has created a unique set of issues that you may not have addressed in your employee handbook. That is why it is important to create a directive on mobile phones at work. Here are five simple steps to implement your own mobile phone policy at work. But how do you create your own mobile phone policy at work? Sling`s experts tell you everything you need to know and provide you with a template to get started.

Your corporate mobile policy can be covered as part of your job posting, personnel manual and during your new staff training. You may have a mobile phone directive at the service level or a mobile phone directive at company level. In both cases, the templates and guidelines below can be used. We know that mobile phones can be great tools for our employees. We encourage employees to use mobile phones if: If a company does indicate that employees should use their personal phones for emails and business calls, the company cannot have strict control over when and where the phone should be used. An agreement on the company`s mobile phones may contain all the restrictions on their use desired by the employer. The agreement should make it clear that the phone is owned by the company or leased by the company and must be returned to the company upon request. It should contain the model and serial number of the phone, as well as the cost and cost of the accessory that came with the phone.

Finally, use Sling`s messages feature to send the mobile phone policy to all your employees so they can stay informed. Typically, these agreements determine the amount reimbursed by the company to the employee for work-related mobile phone charges. For simplicity, this usually involves a monthly scholarship paid to the employee, regardless of the employee`s mobile phone plan. It really depends on the company. For certain types of businesses where the distraction of a mobile phone could be dangerous, a directive on mobile phones might be a good idea. For other companies, a mobile phone-less policy at work could be a big abandonment of potential employees or hinder employees` ability to work. You should always write down your mobile phone policy, make it part of your staff manual, and have everyone sign that they understand it. Add a language that covers all technologies that can access the Internet and send and receive phone calls and texts. It`s possible. An employer can have a say in what an employee can and cannot do with a company phone. They might also want to ban or severely restrict personal use of mobile phones when employees have corporate cell phones. To make sure everyone reads the new material, you can use Sling`s task feature to create a to-do list for you and your collaborators.

You can even set a due date and send reminders as the date approaches. Clearly explain why you have a directive on mobile phones at work, what its objectives are and what the consequences are for infringements of the directive on the use of mobile phones. . . .

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