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All members of the ESOP committee are entitled to full compensation for their actions, provided the company does so in good faith. Such compensation may be made by a contractual agreement or by the purchase of insurance from the director, or both. All members are compensated as much as possible under the law. No changes or changes are made to the tax effect of the previous options. 1. Make several copies. Make sure everyone in your organization has a copy that is involved in or associated with your ESOP. When the capital company is recapitalized. B, for example, through stock splitting, restructuring, reclassification or other forms of capital adjustment, the Committee has the right to make appropriate adjustments to options whose definition is final.

The Company`s Board of Directors is entitled to review all actions of the ESOP committee, except that the Board of Directors cannot increase the number of options that may be granted to a staff member by the committee or grant options to staff not selected by the ESOP committee. No rights under the plan can be sold, transferred, mortgaged or disposed of by the employee. In the event of the employee`s death, the options may be enacted by the employee`s applicable will or intestacy laws. For the duration of the employee, only the worker or the worker`s legal representative can exercise all the options granted to the employee. The ESOP committee has the right to structure options as it sees fit, including increments. The ESOP committee may also, in the event that: The company which is defined as – the acquisition of sufficient shares to choose the majority of the company`s board of directors by an equivalent offer or offer, a contract or an equivalent system; a merger of the company into another company, whether the company survives or not; or if, according to the ESOP committee`s ruling, the company is acquired by another company; The judgment must be final. You are here: Home page “Employment” Personal Stock Options Plan (ESOP) Before exercising an option, the Committee may require the employee to perform these instruments or issue advice from consultants on the legality of exercising the option. In addition, the ESOP committee may, at its sole discretion, use legal or accounting experts whom it may deem necessary or useful and seek the advice it deems appropriate. The company is not required to comply with an option if, in the opinion of its lawyer, which must be final, compliance with the law or laws applicable to such transactions by a state or by the federal government or by another authority is contrary. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________vorausgesetzt however that all of these options are subject to the following conditions: First, the purchase price of the shares at the time of the granting of the options is 100% of the fair market price of the stock and, on the other hand, that the option of action is exercised no later than the months following the issuance. And, third, that in the event of dismissal of the worker on the basis of death or disability, The option can`t be more than the option.

in the event of dismissal of the employee for another reason, no option can be exercised more than months from the date of termination.

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