Global Framework Agreement Petronas

“GE is working to strengthen our strong long-term partnership and cooperation with Petronas,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO of GE Oil & Gas. “This new agreement allows us to get closer to Petronas to better anticipate their technology needs and streamline the delivery process.” With more than 10,000 employees, the group`s global presence is visible in more than 20 countries, from Malaysia and China to Australia, the Middle East, America, Brazil and beyond. For more information, see “Through these cooperation agreements, we are getting the benefits of a competitive Capex with lower operating costs, higher availability and reliability of quality equipment, and superior support from GE,” said Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin, Petronas COO and PPE, Downstream. In order to optimize project dates and reduce costs, all the terms of the agreement were negotiated for the duration of the relationship, thus avoiding the need to negotiate on a per-project basis. The equipment provided is also standardized whenever this is the case, so that specifications, technical solutions and documentation are shared, reducing engineering costs and improving quality. He said PETRONAS` natural gas, a cleaner source of fossil fuels, remains at the center of concerns and offers an appropriate solution to meet the energy needs of Southeast Asia`s growing population. In addition to solar and wind, PETRONAS also sees opportunities in new energy sources that will complement its global liquid natural gas (LNG) portfolio, including hydrogen, where the company is now working to build sustainable coalitions with technology providers to develop emission-free hydrogen fuels from bio-based products and carbon technology. PETRONAS is a Fortune Global 500 company┬« wholly owned by the Malaysian government. with its subsidiaries and associated companies, PETRONAS is a fully integrated oil and gas company, with global crude oil and natural gas exploration, development and production activities in Malaysia and abroad; liquefaction, sale and transport of LNG; the processing and transportation of natural gas and the sale of natural gas products, including electricity generation; refining and marketing of petroleum products; manufacture and sale of petrochemicals; trade in crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals; and shipping and logistics related to LNG, crude oil and petroleum products. For more information, see KUALA LUMPUR, 19.

November 2020 – As more Southeast Asian countries make progress in implementing the global energy transition, PETRONAS called for greater cooperation between ASEAN governments, energy stakeholders and the public and private sectors to jointly harness each other`s strengths for a sustainable, low-carbon future. . . .

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