Image Licence Agreement Template

If you include images that are used without a valid license, you have the option to concede them later, without any effort on your part. The copyright holder will often set the price of licensing on the basis of the parameters of the agreement. For example, for an exclusive license where the taker is the only person authorized to use this work, the price may be much higher. In comparison, a non-exclusive license, in which the copyright holder can grant the same work to multiple parties, can generate more revenue and be evaluated more moderately. Do you want to terminate a licensing agreement? The termination of an agreement is in accordance with the common rules for the continuation of contracts. If the contract has been concluded for a fixed term, it automatically expires at the end of the agreed term. If the license agreement is indefinite, you need a declaration of intent from one party (unilateral termination) or both parties (reciprocal decision). Licensing agreements have relatively broad and varied areas of application and are difficult to harmonize in terms of content. Specifically, there are no, but a number of very specific licensing agreements, from which you can choose according to the type of use you wish to grant. 9. Electronic storage. For all licensed documents that the licensee adopts in electronic form, the licensee must retain the copyright symbol, the name of the licensee and the image number or other identification number associated with the license material, which may be included in the electronic file.

The licensee must not make other high-resolution copies of the licensed material and the licensee has a robust firewall to protect against unauthorized third party access to the licensed material. Notwithstanding the above, the licensee may only create a (1) high-resolution backup copy of the licensed material for security reasons. At the expiry or prior termination of this contract, the licensee will immediately remove the licensed equipment from its computer or other electronic storage systems and ensure that its subcontractors do the same.

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