Mibco Main Agreement 2020

It should be noted that we have not received any indication from the Ministry of Labour and Labour (DoEL) as to when the publication will take place, but we can note that it is very unlikely to be until September 1, 2020, when the next round of increases will begin. The deadline for exemption applications is 30 days from the date the new agreement comes into force. As a result, members cannot, at this stage, apply for exemption from the implementation of these increases until the amended MIBCO main agreement is published in the government scoreboard. We will inform our members as soon as the agreement is published by Zirkel. The City Council also stated that from April 27, 2020 to July 26, 2020 (for 13 weeks), there would be a payment leave for SAMF contributions. MIBCO`s forecasts for SAMF contributions are not increased and employers are not required to create or request breaks. Recipients will continue to benefit from benefits under the Fund`s rules. SAMF`s contributions will be scheduled as scheduled from Monday, July 27, 2020. The July 43529 member automotive industry agreement would be aware of the MIBCO salary cycle, which runs annually from September 1 to August 31. In the meantime, the new wage plans should have been distributed to employers, either by MIBCO or by the RMI, but this has not yet been done, as the main agreement amended for year 2 of the three-year wage cycle has not yet been published by the Minister of Employment and Labour. Only a main agreement, published and extended, is mandatory for implementation and legally binding for all employers and all workers. An established agreement contains an implementation date (no retrotation) and as soon as we have such a date, all members will be updated by a circular containing the new salary plans and related provisions for the period up to August 31, 2021. Kwazulu Natal Region: Sphelele.Nyuswa@mibco.org.za/MIBCO.KZN@mibco.org.za MPs who are financially able to do so may choose to raise wages on 1 September 2020 or before the agreement is published, only on a voluntary and unbiased basis.

If a member implements the increases in this way, he is not obliged to do so again as soon as the agreement is published, since the agreement contains an undefined provision authorizing compensation for the increases granted in the previous twelve months in relation to what is legally due and payable at the time of publication. Bavarian Land/Northern Cape Region: Grant.Theys@mibco.org.za The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has signed a three-year agreement with the Motor Industries Bargaining Council (MIBCO). We are aware of the serious financial and economic pressures that many Members have exerted following the long period of closure of operations linked to the COVID 19 pandemic and the associated Disaster.As, we would like to assure our members that the amended MIBCO main agreement, once it is published, will contain provisions allowing companies in financial difficulty to apply for a waiver from the implementation of these increases.

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