Nokia Indirect Reseller Agreement

If you have a partner center member account (MPN ID), you must continue to formally sign up for the Cloud Solution Provider program. To verify your membership status, switch to your partner profile and validate the type of account. Then sign up for CSP Indirect as a reseller. Once you have registered as an indirect reseller, you accept your indirect supplier`s CSP relationship requirement. As part of the VAR agreement, Equinox International will offer solutions and technologies from Nokia Solutions and Networks; including RAN, core, IMS and network management offerings. This agreement will complement equinox offerings for service providers and provide NSN with extensive, presal and postal distributors that will enable equinox and NSN to expand their reach and increase their market share in Africa. This website is intended to be used by resellers (“indirect resellers”) who intend to acquire Nokia products and services through a licensed Nokia reseller. If you have already registered as an indirect reseller in the Partner Center, you accept the Microsoft Partnership Agreement in the Partner Center Dashboard using global administration announcement information. Make sure you have signed the Microsoft Partnership Contract in the Partner Profile Program Information section. A confirmation banner notification is also displayed on the CSP preview page. To confirm the partnership with the supplier, activate the checkbox, then select allow indirect suppliers.

The supplier is now listed on your indirect supplier side and your business now on the indirect-reseller side of the supplier. Starting in October 2020, all of Microsoft`s new partners in CSP will register as indirect resellers for the CSP program. You will then need to create an account in the Partner Center. To do this, you provide the following information during the registration process. It can take a few minutes to gather these items before you start: if you partner with an indirect provider, allow them to send orders and add subscriptions on behalf of your customers, and you grant them administrator access to your company`s business account. Once you have established your partnership with the provider, you can remove the administrator`s access to your business account on the Office 365 portal. A select group of key distributors around the world who manage a large and remarkable group of indirect dealers.

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