Preamble Of The Wto Agreement

2. If the parties fail to agree on compensation within 30 days of the start of the consultations, the exporting party is free to suspend the application of concessions substantially equivalent to the trade of the party applying the safeguard measure. The parties share the objective of multilateral abolition of agricultural export subsidies and work together to establish a WTO agreement to eliminate these subsidies and prevent their reintroduction in any form. The final act on the outcomes of the Uruguay Round multilateral trade agreements consists of the final act itself, the WTO agreement (“WTO agreement”) and the agreements attached to it, as well as additional GATT agreements, decisions and declarations. The text can be found in various sources: 1867 U.N.T.S. 3, 33 I.L.M 9 (1994) (December 1993) and 33 I.M 1143 (April 1994) (April 1994), The Final Act Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (K4603 1987). A3 1994), The Legal Texts: The Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (K4603 1987.A4 1999), nachdruck der Ergebnisse der Uruguay Round multilaterale Handelsverhandlungens: Die Rechtstexte (Perkins/Bostock Ref. JZ5185 . R478 1994) and in Uruguay`s multilateral trade round (online and in the microform room, submitted to the GATT Documents, PrEx 9.2:your 8/13). The text is also available online on the WTO website. Two of the most important agreements are the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), 33 I.L.M.

44 (1994) (December 1993) and 1869 UNTS 183, 33 I.L.M 1167 (1994) (April 1994) and the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS), 33 I.L.M. 81 (1994) (December 1993) and 1869 UNTS 299, 33 L.M 1197 (1994) (April 1994). Dispute Resolution Reports (K4600. A53 W67) includes the reports of the panel and the appeal body, as well as arbitrations under WTO agreements. These are the English reports approved and drafted by the WTO (reports begin in 1996). (i) to inform the other party, where possible, of international agreements or programmes on OBT issues. Uruguay Round Agreement Guide (K4603 1987 . W67 1999), published by the WTO secretariat, provides a detailed explanation of the legal importance of Uruguay`s round of negotiation agreements.

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