Schaumburg Il Collective Bargaining Agreement

But Debbie Diamond, president of the American State Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local in 1919, acknowledged that negotiations with her relatively new bargaining unit would inevitably take longer than those for police lieutenants and NCO officers. The union lasted at least as long as his 21 years in the department, Greenaway said. Schaumburg Trustee Tuesday approved a new three-year contract with the village police command union, just two weeks after members of the separate office and support union complained of working on the village`s board of directors for more than a year without a contract. With retroactive effect to May 1, the contract increases wages by 2 per cent at the beginning of each year, 2.25 per cent and 2.5 per cent. Sergeants will receive a one-time increase of 1 per cent on November 1 of this year, while lieutenants will receive a special payment of $325 in 2019 and 2020. Teachers Union Contract (2014-2018)Operations/Maintenance Group Contract (2016-2019)United Support Staff Contract (2014-2018) While most problems with police contracts have been reduced to wages for decades, Local is negotiating that his second contract in 1919 and there are other fundamental issues that need to be addressed, such as the use of sick periods to treat sick family members, Diamond said. Teachers` union contract (2018-2022, including current annual salary plans) Operations/Maintenance Group Contract (2019-2023, including current annual salary plans)United Support Staff Contract (2018-2022, including current annual salary plans) Schaumburg administrators approved a new three-year contract with police lieutenants and non-commissioned officers from the village on Tuesday, increasing salaries by 2 percent, 2.25 percent and 2.5 percent a year. Eric Peterson | Staff Photographer, 2015 The differences between the two unions include their number of members and their different positions. While the six lieutenants and 16 police non-commissioned officers share similar tasks, The 150 members of Local in 1919 are both full-time and part-time and in almost every department, said Diamond, Schaumburg`s animal control officer. Sgt Tom Greenaway, president of the Police Command Union, said the two parties met several times and were very open and respectful of each other.

We reward our employees with a compensation program that attracts, rewards and retains employees. We use a paid philosophy (except for otherwise negotiated collective agreement) that aims to adequately reward the different levels of performance and contributions of the organization. Village director Brian Townsend said the police commando union`s bargaining team approached the village with a limited list of objectives and was very collaborative. The higher the performance of employees, the greater the potential for wage increases, as the increase in the salary range is based on proven work performance.

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