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All questions about copyright transfer contracts can be emailed to You can use our web return form or contact the editor. A copyright transfer contract comes into effect when a manuscript is accepted for publication in English. If, for some reason, your article is rejected by a magazine editor, the agreement loses its strength. The decision to accept a manuscript to be published is the exclusive right of the editor of the journal concerned. By signing the contract, the authors guarantee that they have become familiar and that they agree with their terms. Authors are required to submit an author`s contract form immediately after the manuscript is accepted. The corresponding author of the manuscript can sign and send the form on behalf of all co-authors. The author`s consent form must be sent to the editor before the manuscript is published in the journal. Signed manuscripts and copyright transfer contracts should be forwarded directly to the journal in which the authors intend to publish their article. You will find contact information on the web pages of some magazines. Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. And Allerton Press, Ltd., publisher of scientific content in English, informs the authors of the following important questions in the preparation of the manuscript: In order to facilitate the interaction between the author and the publisher, please file copyright transfer agreements (in Russian or English) with the manuscript with the editor of the journal concerned. The copyright transfer contract can be sent as a digital copy of the original (which is preferable) or as a paper copy. The copyright transfer contract should be signed with MS Word or by hand and signed by all authors (co-authors and copyright holders). During the Covid 19 crisis, we understand that some authors may not have access to devices to allow electronic return of a scanned and signed Author Publishing Agreement. If this applies to you, please read these FAQs. If you are able, please return the full Author Publishing Agreement as usual. Magazine editors do not accept manuscripts without a copyright transfer contract. As an author, you have two ways to verify the evidence. Scientific works (scientific works) are protected by international and Russian copyright laws.

Scientific work is intellectual property and is the subject of copyright protection. In order for us to have the necessary rights to publish your article, we ask you to grant an exclusive publication license. (We are not asking you to transfer your copyright to us.) An exclusive license means that the rights necessary to publish the article are exclusively granted to the owner of the magazine and that the ownership of the copyright remains unchanged. Choose the right form in the choice of three: Send the forms in the form of attachments by email to: To send the author agreement form to the IJCRI Journal, you can send it as an attachment before Cambridge can publish a magazine article (or any other type of newspaper content), we need a signed publication license.

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