Lewisham Council Tenancy Agreement

The deception was discovered in 2009, when an ALMO officer visited the property as part of a rent review program. Investigations by the Council`s fraud team revealed that the name of the person who was liable for tax on the property was different from that of the tenant, a fictional Miss Adenug and a Paul Oluwaseum Adenuga. It is interesting to note that the report confirmed that there was no evidence of a link between the poorest private rental housing and anti-social behaviour, so the Commission did not intend to pursue selective licensing of all private rental units at that time. In March 2020, the City Council approved new additional and selective licensing regimes. In the meantime the launch dates will be confirmed. The Willesden Court of Justice recently ordered an owner to pay fines of $20,000, a cost of $4,678 and an additional $170. An owner at Wembley drew attention to Brent Council Housing Enforcement Officers after a tip-off from the Council`s tax officers that the owner attempted to claim a discount for a single person for the property if […] An owner with a rented apartment in Redbridge was fined $5,770. It is assumed that the Council police officers were “overwhelmed” that the Owner of Redbridge was operating an unlicensed HMO property in Romford, Essex. During the inspection, officials also found that the dwelling had virtually no fire protection measures such as […] Your rental agreement defines what we, the landlord, must do and what you, the tenant, must do. The nature of the lease you have depends on your circumstances and your legal rules. It also affects your rights as a tenant. In parallel with the introduction of their new complementary licensing system, Lewisham Council has launched a new online application procedure via the Council`s website. To apply, you must create a Lewisham Council account.

On January 16, 2019, the Mayor and Council Office approved plans to implement a non-immediate Section 4 HMO branch in the municipalities of Bellingham, Downham, Whitefoot and Grove Park. The couple had also made false statements to secure a lease to Greenwich, which was then sublet for a higher rent. The Adenugas were not entitled to this rent as they already owned several other houses. If you violate the terms of your rental agreement or allow other members of your household or visitors to violate the terms and conditions, we may take legal action against you. This may also include evicting yourself from home. A public consultation was held from March 7 to May 2, 2019. The HMO Section 4 branch came into effect on March 7, 2020 and you can find out more on the Council`s website.

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