Loans And Receivables Arising From Repurchase Agreements

4.97 The collection and payment of interest and payments is generally made on the basis of a passport. The CF that sold the interests to the loan (or its representative) records the interest and repayments demanded by the debtor and returns the amounts to be paid to the borrowers for a fee (even if the seller of the interests in the loan no longer holds a stake). A pension purchase contract, also known as repo, PR or Surrender and Repurchase Agreement, is a form of short-term borrowing, mainly in government bonds. The distributor sells the underlying guarantee to investors and, by mutual agreement between the two parties, buys it back shortly thereafter, usually the next day, at a slightly higher price. 4.145 Reinsurance is an insurance in which both parties of insurance are insurance service providers. In other words, reinsurance allows insurance risks to be transferred from one insurer to another. Many insurers act both as direct insurers and as reinsurers. There may be chains of risk transmission, from the insurer to the secondary reinsurer, etc. Transactions and positions between the direct insurer and the reinsurer should be recorded as a separate transaction and position rate, not net; a. no consolidation between the operations of the direct insurer as a policy issuer to its customers, on the one hand, and the holder of a policy with the reinsurer, on the other hand and the debt of the original policy issuer on the reinsurance company is not deducted from its debts to the beneficiaries. Reinsurance activities are classified and recorded in the same way as non-life direct insurance. 4,121 companies sometimes acquire their own market share. The recovered shares (so-called own shares) are not classified as assets (i.e.

as claims of a limited company to itself) but are deducted from funds allocated by the owners to the liabilities of shares and investment funds (see item 5.157). Deposit guarantee, which falls into this category, should be distinguished from deposit guarantee schemes, which are also referred to as “deposit guarantees for the general public.” The first relates to deposit guarantee policies at the beginning of deposits that pay an insurance premium for the insurance service, while the second relates to ODC`s participation in deposit guarantee schemes, which are generally mandatory under national legislation and in which participating CDOs pay fees or contributions to the system. 4.93 Credit cards are used as a convenient means of payment for purchases and as a means of financing purchases. Cardholders generally do not spend the night at a financing fee when the total balance of their credit card purchases is paid during each billing cycle, usually monthly. Cardholders who make credit card payments on a monthly basis are charged interest on all balances, including assets generated by new credit card purchases in the month prior to the billing cycle. All credit card balances should be classified as loans and accrued and unpaid interest is recorded as loans. 4.27 Some countries spend coins on gold or precious metals, which are preserved for their intrinsic value, or commemorative coins preserved for their numismatic value. If these coins are not in active circulation, they should be considered non-financial assets and not financial assets.

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