Patent Purchase Agreement Sample

g) behaviour. ID, their affiliates and their senior executives, directors, employees, representatives or other representatives (“representatives”) did not commit any conduct or, to the knowledge of the ID, did not fail to perform a necessary act whose result could lead to the cancellation or cancellation of BREVETS, invalid, unenforceable, abandoned or cancelled, including, without restriction, any misrepresentation of ID`s patent rights to a standard-setting body. (a) At the latest, the ID (i) becomes an executed assignment, which grants DSS all patents; run and send to DSS, through Federal Express or another reliable overnight delivery service, by manual delivery or e-mail, complete copies of the Crown`s history and patent assessment files that are in possession of , including, but not only, all original copies of patent certificates (if the ID or certificate is headached) or the certificate relating to the original certificates of patent loss. In order to avoid doubts, the ID is not required to provide or generate documents or information that are not in the possession or control of the identifiers or their legal advisors. 1.2 “PATENTS” refers to the United States and foreign patents, patent applications and invention information in Schedule A, as well as, where applicable, all rights, new reviews, extensions, sequels, continuing patent applications and their components, as well as any rights that may be contained in multinational contracts or agreements , including all family members (United States and third countries) and, where appropriate, all patents and applications pending with a definitive discalimer are granted. Prosecution, sequels in part, divisions, contractual equivalents for cooperation with patents and in view of the reciprocal agreements and agreements set out in them, as well as for other valid and provisional applications), patents resulting from such applications, certificates of invention or possible conditions of an instrument, contract or other agreement with which 5.12 are concluded in full. This agreement, including, but not limited to, all the exhibits presented here and related to it, as well as a patent licensing agreement between the parties associated with it and which is being executed at the same time as this agreement, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and brings together and replaces all agreements , previous and simultaneous agreements, negotiations and discussions. None of the parties is bound by conditions, definitions, guarantees, communications or assurances relating to the purpose of this agreement, unless it is expressly provided for.

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