Policy Of Joint Agreement

All marital conflicts are opportunities to negotiate. And if done correctly, most marital problems are relatively easy to solve with the common agreement policy. But I have received many letters asking me if this policy is reasonable. Can we expect a man and a woman to agree on everything? And enthusiastic? So I posted the heading “With problems with the common agreement policy”? Willard uses an intelligent metaphor from A Man`s House to illustrate how men tend to separate aspects of their lives (job, golf, new sports car, his garden, his children, his church and his wife). As you can see, his wife is metaphorically in one room, the “man” room… That`s why we`re here. Willard advises each man to invite his wife to each of his rooms, regardless of his role or responsibility in this room….. That is, his wife must be taken into consideration in any decision he makes. To follow this agreement, a man learns to think about his wife`s reaction to everything he does, not just what happens in the “man” room. If the two spouses do not agree on an issue, the directive stipulates that they should not do anything until they agree. But that`s not quite true.

One of them will not be able to do what they want, and that will make that person very unhappy. The more important the subject is to one of them, the more unhappy you will be if you are forced to do nothing. Do you have any advice on how to deal with these disappointments in the early stages of political compliance? The policy of the common agreement prevents this because the man and the woman agree on everything… No one (man or wife) loses their identity, autonomy or authority to lead their life. The aim is to be united in purpose and spirit, not to control or control, through cooperation and negotiation. 2. Responses from local government organisations to the consultation showed broad convergence with the overall objectives and objectives of the proposed legislation. However, concerns have been expressed about the need for legislation to achieve agreed objectives. Responses to the consultation by COSLA, SOLACE and ADES showed a desire to work with the Scottish Government to ensure that common objectives can be achieved within a framework conducive to improving Scottish education and more integrated childcare. A joint agreement between the Scottish Government and COSLA on school building, cooperation, parental engagement and student engagement. But the strongest incentive to pursue this policy is that it helps to maintain the feeling of love.

Once the common agreement policy is implemented, it helps isolate a couple of many destructive forces that ruin marriages. And it helps couples meet each other`s needs in a mutually satisfied and fun way. Spouses who follow this policy and meet each other`s needs fall in love and remain in love with each other. I would like to tell you something that may be common sense to some of you and to others. Many of you will probably have objections. But trust me in this, if you try this for 30 days and it doesn`t radically change the direction of your relationship I`ll refund your money. But you didn`t pay me anything you could ask for? That`s true, but it`s next to the point! If you take this policy and apply it faithfully in your relationship, you and your spouse will lessen the struggle, bitterness, negative feelings, etc. It will probably contribute to a better sex life, deeper conversations, and excitement of your relationship and even life in general.

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