Social Security Agreement Between India And Ireland

EU social security legislation generally applies to the following people: For more information about your Irish social security protection, this approach contrasts with possible bilateral positions between the UK and other EU countries after Brexit. Many of them remain unclear or subject to limited transitional provisions. Bilateral social security agreements are of the utmost importance for pensioners who retire in Ireland after having worked in one of the above countries. If the applicant indicates that he has been insured (or, where appropriate, resides) in a country with which Ireland has concluded a bilateral agreement, an application for a pension shall be lodged in that country by the division which, on behalf of the applicant, shall apply to the competent institution. The date of receipt of the request and all relevant documents should be communicated without delay to the institution of the other country. The same procedure applies when the pension application is made in another country, but the person has social security contributions in Ireland. Special conditions apply to persons with social security contributions paid before 1953. The agreements apply to migrant workers who have worked in Ireland and in a country with which Ireland has concluded a bilateral agreement. .

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